Product Information
ENRADIANCE – Nano Bubble Cleansing Milk <160ml>
SG $55.00
• Ultra-fine bubbles with a diameter of less than 0.001mm combined with negative ions can effectively remove sebum and make-up dirt.
• Use 4 major beauty ingredients to remove makeup and skincare at the same time.
• Water and oil balance formula, the skin is moist, soft and not tight after use.

Made in Japan
*No Refund is allow once purchased
Take an appropriate amount, wash off the makeup and dirt on the face, and then rinse thoroughly with clean or lukewarm water. Before the first use, shake the bottle up and down at an amplitude of 10 cm for more than 20 times for 10 seconds to generate nanobubbles.
*After starting to use, please perform the above actions at least once a week to generate nano bubbles.