Frequently asked questions

Musee S.S.C Hair Removal uses cooling gel to ensure comfortable treatment. Level of pain is dependent on each customer's pain tolerance.

Our hair removal treatment is extremely safe. Feel free to contact us should you have any enquiries.

According to each customer’s skin condition and hair growth cycle, natural hair fall begins in about 2 weeks.

According to your hair growth cycle, approximately once every 1-3 months appears most effective.

Each treatment area is different. Underarm hair removal requires about 15 to 20 minutes, beneficial for those who are busy.

The effectiveness may vary depending on individual conditions. As for S.S.C Hair removal, the optimal effect is achieved after 8 – 12 sessions. After which, the final results are long-lasting with minimal treatment needed.

No, the density of your hairs will not affect the number of treatment you undergo.

Yes. Please shave the area of treatment using a razor. If redness occurs after shaving, do not hesitate the ask our staff.

Before the whole treatment process ends, avoid plucking or waxing. After the treatment, when the area of treatment heals steadily, shave with a razor.

Yes. However, if you have severe skin allergy, inflammation or feeling unwell, we are unable to provide you with your treatment according to your area of treatment (eg. Bikini area)

Yes absolutely, our treatments are gentle to the skin. Additionally, we will provide you with a skin patch test before undergoing treatment.

We do not recommend treatment for customer that recently sunbathed. Please also avoid tanning after treatment process.

No, we are unable to provide treatment on tattooed areas.

Although hair removal treatments do not harm your infant or yourself, our treatment may affect hormonal imbalances with breastfeeding mothers. Stellar results may not be fulfilled.
Hence, we do not recommend receiving treatment within periods of pregnancy. It is advised to resume treatment after giving birth when you are in great physical health.

Our hair removal methods target hair production, it will not affect your skin.

As S.S.C hair removal uses similar technology as laser skin whitening treatment, it is not possible to do both treatments in the same day.
However, Wishpro treatment and S.S.C hair removal can be done in the same day due to its different nature in treatment process.

Frequently asked questions

MUSEE PLATINUM TOKYO’s treatments are reasonably priced. We do not charge for any extra expenses such as membership fees or hidden charges.

Yes. Besides the prices listed on the pricelist, you will not be charged for anything extra.
MUSEE PLATINUM TOKYO is the hair removal specialist. We do not forcibly advertise other treatments to our customers.

No, each area of treatment is fixed without change. However, the duration of treatment process may differ.


Frequently asked questions

If you require cancellation, please do so by phone or visiting our store in person a day before your treatment. A handling fee will be charged when changing or cancelling on the same day of booking or arriving over 5 minutes late on the time of your booking.

We will inquire your past experiences with hair removal and current body condition. We will also solve any concerns you have. Furthermore, we will explain MUSEE PLATINUM TOKYO’s system and payment details thoroughly.

Yes. Please do so before signing the contract.

At Musee, we provide S.S.C hair removal. On top of that, Musee also provides personalized skin care solutions (MIT Radiance – Wishpro Technology) which includes brightening, anti-aging, repairing and many more.

We can accommodate to 1 change per customer. However, extra charges will be taken on the 2nd or further changes.


No. Due to the risk of danger and in order for the treatment to be proceeded with precision and caution, customers cannot bring their children.

Unfortunately not. MUSEE PLATINUM TOKYO only provides services for females currently. We apologize that we do not cater our services towards males. Additionally, we ask customers to not bring their male partners to the store.

We will supply you with our designated robes or vests before the treatment. You can dress according to your convenience.

If you require more information, feel free to contact us:
Tel: 6804 6500 / Whatsapp: 9487 4366