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[Limited Collection] Milk Lotion + 2 PCS Musee Moisturizing Mask <30ml x4>
SG $48.80
Limited Collection Milk Lotion Set

Discover smooth and moist-looking skin with the Musee Limited Christmas Collection Bestsellers Milk Lotion Set. The kit includes 4 different colours and scents that match your mood of the day in a handy size of 30ml, perfect for travelling or trying something new.

Set Contents:
Bouquet Sabon 30ml
Experience the velvety-smooth texture as the lotion glides effortlessly, promoting an even application and absorption.

Bouquet Sabon – Moist Plus 30ml
Immerse your skin in a moisture-rich blend that helps combat dryness, leaving your skin feeling supple and revitalized.

Bergamot Musk – Moist Plus 30ml
Delight your senses with a captivating musk scent, adding a touch of luxury to your skincare routine and leaving a subtle, alluring fragrance throughout the day.

Fruity Musk – Moist Plus 30ml
Formulated with gentle ingredients, this lotion is suitable for all skin types, providing a soothing and nourishing experience without irritation.

EXTRA FREE 2 Pieces of Musee Moisturizing Masks

*Limited Stock & While Stock Last
Please take an appropriate amount of milk lotion and apply it on your skin to prevent dryness before or after treatment.