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Choose 6 out of 13 small parts
Parts included: Underarm, Upper Lip, Upper Triangle, Feet & Toes, Around Navel, Waist, Knee Cap, Bikini Line, Chin, Lower Triangle, Hand & Fingers, Around Nip

EXCLUSIVE PROMO for Bikini Line where you can enjoy 6 sessions for ONLY $28

Exclusively for first-timer only and come with FREE 1x Electronic Shaver for New Customer!
• Up to Six (6) sessions only.

[Smooth Skin Control] Enjoy 6 Sessions Upper Lip Hair Removal with our S.S.C High speed machine technology. Exclusively for first-timer only.
• Up to Six (6) sessions only.

[HOT SELLING DEAL] $198 FACE S.S.C Hair Removal Treatment Trial session !

Parts included: Forehead, Cheeks,Nose,Upper Lip,Chin,Lower Jaws, Sideburn and other small parts!

Exclusively for first-timer only. High Speed Machine

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